An exporter of Egyptian Live animals , Reptiles , Insects , Mammals , WIth 15+ years of Experience

Exporting : Gecko , Lizard , Agama , Snake , invertebrates , Scorpion 

Reptiles Exporter TUT MASR

Overview of Reptiles Exporter TUT MASR

Reptiles Exporter TUT MASR is a renowned company specializing in the export of reptiles and amphibians. We have gained a strong reputation in the industry for their exceptional quality, reliability, and ethical practices. With a wide range of species available, they cater to the needs of various clients worldwide, including importers, zoos, pet stores, and reptile enthusiasts.

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Why Choose TUT MASR

Quality and Reliability of TUT MASR as a Reptile Exporter

When it comes to exporting reptiles, TUT MASR stands out as a trusted and reliable choice.
We take pride in providing Our clients with top-quality reptiles that are ethically sourced and bred. With a dedicated team of experts, TUT MASR ensures the well-being and proper care of each reptile before export. We understand the diverse needs and preferences of Our customers and work diligently to offer a comprehensive selection of reptile species, including snakes, lizards, turtles, Geckos and Insects. Whether you are a reptiles importer, zoo, pet store, or reptile enthusiast, TUT MASR has the perfect reptile species to meet your requirements.
Choose TUT MASR for the utmost quality and reliability in reptile exports.

A1 Quality

We Choose The Finest Quality animals , With Beautiful Colors and Great Health Conditions .

Exact Spieces

We Ensure To Fullfil Your Demands of Exact Spieces and Sizes and quantities .


We Value The Time and we care about your Reputation , So We will Always be Sure to Deliver On Time .

Some Of Our Animals

Tropiocolotes tripolitanus

Desert Agama

Desert Mantis

Special Thanks To Our UK Main Customer for these Amazing Pictures . 

Tut Masr Cares, We care about your money, time, and reputation. 

We are always there for you whenever you need Egyptian animals.

Tut Masr Stays With you step by step all the way. 

We Don’t take the quality of our animals easily, We do inspections and Choose from massive quantities only to make sure that you will receive the Best Quality.  


“We extract Egyptian finest reptiles of first choice & Select the best qualities .”

Mahmoud Nasr


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Live Reptiles Exporter with +15 Years of Experience .

I’ve been in the Field of Exporting Live Animals from Egypt for 16 years now . Used to work as a Marketing Manager for another Exporter , Been Handling orders of my own for some time now , Ready to Establish A Word Wide Long Business Relationship which is Based on Honesty & Trust .

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Whether you’re curious about Species, Minimum trial, or even Payment Terms , we’re here to answer any questions.

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