Acanthodactylus pardalis

Acanthodactylus pardalis

Acanthodactylus pardalis exported by tut masr - live reptiles exporter

Acanthodactylus pardalis, commonly known as the Egyptian lizard, is a species of reptile that is native to Egypt and other parts of North Africa. This particular species is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior.

Collected and exported by tut masr

Tut Masr, a live reptile exporter based in Egypt, specializes in collecting and exporting Acanthodactylus pardalis and other reptiles. They have established themselves as a reputable source for these unique creatures.

Live reptile exports play an important role in both scientific research and the pet trade industry. Tut Masr ensures that the animals are collected responsibly and transported safely to their new destinations.

The Egyptian lizard, Acanthodactylus pardalis, has become popular among reptile enthusiasts due to its striking coloration and adaptability as a pet. 

However, it is crucial for potential owners to understand the specific care requirements of this species before considering it as a pet.

Tut Masr’s expertise in handling live reptiles ensures that these creatures are well taken care of during the export process. They adhere to regulations and guidelines set forth by international wildlife conservation organizations to ensure sustainability and ethical practices.

In conclusion, Acanthodactylus pardalis collected by Tut Masr live reptiles exporter offers an opportunity for individuals interested in owning this unique Egyptian lizard species while ensuring responsible collection and export practices are followed.

Acanthodactylus pardalis, commonly known as the Egyptian lizard, is a species of reptile that is native to Egypt and other parts of North Africa. It is a small to medium-sized lizard with distinct markings and a slender body.

Tut Masr Live Reptiles Exporter is an organization that specializes in the collection and exportation of live reptiles, including Acanthodactylus pardalis. They have gained recognition for their expertise in handling and transporting these reptiles safely and responsibly.

The demand for live reptiles, including the Egyptian lizard, has been increasing in recent years due to their unique appearance and popularity among reptile enthusiasts. Tut Masr plays a crucial role in meeting this demand by ensuring the proper collection, care, and exportation of these fascinating creatures.

It’s important to note that the collection and exportation of live reptiles should be done with strict adherence to international regulations and ethical practices. Tut Masr takes pride in following these guidelines to ensure the well-being of the animals during transportation and their sustainable conservation in their natural habitats.

By partnering with Tut Masr Live Reptiles Exporter, individuals or organizations interested in acquiring Acanthodactylus pardalis can be assured of receiving healthy specimens that have been responsibly sourced.

Discover the captivating world of Acanthodactylus pardalis with Tut Masr, Egypt’s premier live reptile exporter. With years of experience, Tut Masr has become a trusted name in the industry, known for their expertise in collecting and exporting these mesmerizing creatures. Immerse yourself in the beauty and uniqueness of Acanthodactylus pardalis as you explore their collection. Trust Tut Masr to provide you with exceptional service and ensure the safe transportation of these remarkable reptiles to your doorstep.




Looking to add a touch of exotic beauty to your reptile collection? Look no further than Tut Masr, the leading live reptile exporter based in Egypt. With a specialization in collecting and exporting the stunning Acanthodactylus pardalis and other captivating reptiles, Tut Masr has built a strong reputation as a trusted source for these unique creatures. Discover the wonders of nature with Tut Masr and bring home a piece of Egypt’s natural beauty today.

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