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TUT MASR Co, Egypt

Live animals exporter – TUT MASR – principals and goals focus on ensuring the well-being and safe transportation of animals that are being exported from one country to another. The principles of a live animals exporter involve caring for the animals’ welfare. promoting ethical practices, and complying with international regulations. The primary goal of a live animals exporter is to facilitate the transportation of live animals in a humane and stress-free manner. while also maintaining the highest standards of animal health and safety.

Smooth Handling & Live Animals Transportation

In order to ensure the smooth handling and transportation of live animals, exporters adhere to the regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These regulations provide comprehensive guidelines and standards for the transportation of live animals by air. They cover various aspects such as packaging, documentation, handling procedures, and the types of containers suitable for different species of animals.

The IATA regulations serve as a global benchmark for the industry, ensuring that animals are transported with utmost care and consideration for their well-being. They require exporters to use approved containers that provide appropriate space, ventilation, and temperature control for the animals. The regulations also require the provision of necessary documentation, including health certificates and permits, to ensure compliance with international trade and animal health regulations.

By following the IATA regulations, live animals exporters can contribute to the safe and ethical transportation of animals, minimizing stress and risks during the journey. These regulations play a crucial role in preventing the mistreatment or mishandling of animals. ultimately promoting the sustainable and responsible trade of live animals across borders.

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