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Scincus scincus exported by tut masr - live reptiles exporter Egyptian Exporter

TUT MASR Co : Exporting Reptiles, geckos, Snakes, Lizards and Insects


TUT MASR is an Egyptian company that specializes in the export of reptiles and Other animals. The company has been in operation for over a decade and has established itself as one of the leading suppliers in the region. TUT MASR has a strong commitment to animal welfare and ensures that all exports are carried out ethically and in compliance with international regulations.

Overview of TUT MASR and their reptile exports:

We offer a broad range of reptile exports that include snakes, lizards and turtles. The company sources its animals from reputable breeders and ensures that they are healthy and disease-free before exporting them. TUT MASR also provides its clients with all the necessary documentation, such as CITES permits and health certificates, to facilitate the legal importation of animals into their respective countries.

In comparison to its competitors, TUT MASR prides itself on its customer service and has established a reputation for being responsive and reliable. The company is also transparent with its pricing and provides its clients with detailed breakdowns of costs, which allows for better decision making.

TUT MASR understands the importance of building relationships with its clients, and as such, maintains open lines of communication and provides after-sales support. Overall, TUT MASR’s commitment to quality, customer service, and compliance make it a strong player in the reptile export market.

Reptile Export Requirements

Egyptian reptile export regulations and requirements

For over a decade, TUT MASR has been a leading Egyptian company specializing in the export of reptiles and Other animals. The company ensures it complies with Egyptian regulations and requirements for exporting animals, which includes obtaining necessary permits and ensuring the animals are healthy and disease-free.

International regulations and requirements for importing reptiles

We also ensures it adheres to international regulations for importing reptiles, such as obtaining CITES permits and health certificates. The company prides itself on providing transparency in pricing and detailed breakdowns of costs to facilitate better decision making for clients. TUT MASR’s commitment to quality and compliance make it a reliable and responsive supplier in the reptile export market.

Geckos Exporter: Selecting the Finest Geckos in Egypt

We don’t breed , We collect from Hunters the Desired Geckos Species , Selecting the Finest Quality of it , Checking the Colors and the shapes . 

To make sure that you will get what you can sell & Make profit out of it , cause we In Tut Masr Cares about your Wins . 

TUT MASR’s Reptile Export Process

The Company’s export process and procedures

TUT MASR, an Egyptian company, specializes in exporting reptiles and animals. The company ensures that they abide by the local laws of Egypt. They obtain all the necessary permits and certify that the animals are healthy and disease-free. TUT MASR also adheres to international regulations for importing reptiles worldwide. The company provides transparency in pricing and a detailed breakdown of costs to facilitate better decision-making for clients.

Steps followed by TUT MASR to export live reptiles

We Follow a strict export process for live reptiles. They ensure that the animals are in good health and free from any infection. The company obtains all the necessary permits from local authorities and CITES permits and health certificates required for international shipment. The animals undergo a strict inspection before being transported overseas. TUT MASR’s commitment to compliance and quality has made it a reliable supplier in the reptile export market.

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