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Eremias g. guttulata

Eremias g. guttulata - Exported by TUTMASR - TUT MASR - An Egyptian Live animals Exporter . By Mahmoud Nasr espmahmoud@gmail.com , +0201119566552

Eremias g. guttulata

The Egyptian lizard, Eremias-g.-guttulata, is a unique reptile species that can be found in the Sinai region.

These lizards are known for their distinctive features and behavior, making them a fascinating subject for reptile enthusiasts.


One notable player in the live reptile export industry is Tut Masr, an exporter specializing in live reptiles. They have gained recognition for their expertise in handling and exporting various reptile species, including the Egyptian lizard Eremias-g.-guttulata.


Tut Masr ensures that proper care and handling practices are followed to guarantee the well-being of these lizards during transportation. This includes providing suitable conditions such as temperature control and appropriate housing to ensure their safety throughout the export process.


By partnering with Tut Masr, reptile enthusiasts around the world have access to acquiring these unique Egyptian lizards for educational purposes or as pets. The collaboration between Tut Masr and other stakeholders contributes to the conservation efforts of these remarkable creatures while also providing opportunities for individuals to appreciate and learn about them firsthand.

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