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Egyptian reptiles are the various kinds of reptiles that live in Egypt, a country that connects Africa with the Middle East.

Egypt has a rich diversity of reptile species due to its different habitats, such as the Nile River, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the desert. Some of the most common and interesting Egyptian reptiles are:

The Egyptian Black Desert Cobra, a highly venomous snake that is completely black and can grow up to 1.55 meters long.

It feeds on lizards, toads, mice, birds, and other snakes. It lives in deserts and semi-desert scrublands of the Nile Delta and Sinai Desert.

naja haje - King Cobra - Egyptian Cobra
naja haje – King Cobra – Egyptian Cobra

The False Smooth Snake, a mildly venomous snake that is usually no longer than 55 centimeters. It has smooth scales and a tan or grey back with brown spots and streaks.

Its belly is yellow to coral red, sometimes with black spots. It eats mainly small lizards, such as geckos or sand lizards.

It can be found in a wide range of habitats, from forests and shrublands to urban areas and sandy shores. It is distributed around the Mediterranean region.

The Nile Crocodile, the largest reptile in Africa and one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It can reach up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to 1000 kilograms. It has a powerful bite and armored scales. It feeds on fish, birds, mammals, and sometimes humans. It lives in freshwater habitats, such as rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes. It is found in most of sub-Saharan Africa and in the Nile River in Egypt.

The Sinai Agama, a colorful lizard that can change its color depending on its mood and temperature. It is usually blue or green, but can turn red or yellow when excited or threatened. It has a spiny crest on its head and back. It feeds on insects, spiders, and plants. It lives in rocky areas and cliffs in the Sinai Peninsula and parts of Israel and Jordan.

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Egyptian Exporter – Anthia sexmaculata

Egyptian Exporter Egyptian Exporter Anthia Sexmaculata Tut Masr, an Egyptian exporter, specializes in providing high-quality products to customers around the world. With a strong focus on insect exports, Tut Masr offers a diverse range of species that are native to Egypt. One of the prominent species that Tut Masr exports is the Anthia sexmaculata, also […]

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Egyptian Scorpions Exporter

Egyptian Scorpions ExporterLeiurus quinquestriatus Egyptian Scorpions Exporter: Tut Masr is a well-established company that specializes in the export of Scorpions. Such as  Leiurus quinquestriatus, more commonly known as the Egyptian Scorpion. With a strong reputation in the international market, Tut Masr is dedicated to providing high-quality scorpions for scientific research and educational purposes. The Leiurus quinquestriatus, also

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Egyptian Insects Exporter

EGYPTIAN INSECT EXPORTER Tut Masr is a leading Egyptian insect exporter that specializes in providing a wide range of high-quality insects to customers around the world. With a reputation for excellence, Tut Masr is committed to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service. Their dedicated team of experts carefully selects and nurtures a variety of

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Live animals Exporter

TUT MASR Co, Egypt Live animals exporter – TUT MASR – principals and goals focus on ensuring the well-being and safe transportation of animals that are being exported from one country to another. The principles of a live animals exporter involve caring for the animals’ welfare. promoting ethical practices, and complying with international regulations. The

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Stenodactylus stenodactylus

Introduction Welcome to our next blog section, where we will be exploring the fascinating world of the Stenodactylus stenodactylus, a unique species of lizard. Also known as the “Desert Fan-fingered Gecko,” this small reptile is native to the arid regions of North Africa and the Middle East. With its distinctive features and adaptation to desert

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hemidactylus turcicus

Hemidactylus turcicus, commonly known as the Mediterranean house gecko, is a small lizard species that originally hails from the Mediterranean region. These agile creatures have a distinctive appearance, with their slender bodies and large eyes. They are highly adaptable and have successfully established populations in various regions of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and

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Tropiocolotes nattereri

Tropiocolotes nattereri, commonly known as Natterer’s gecko, is a fascinating species of gecko that belongs to the family Gekkonidae. These small reptiles are native to the arid regions of North Africa and the Middle East, including countries such as Egypt, Libya, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. With their unique appearance and behavior, Natterer’s geckos have become

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Laudakia Stellio brachydactila , by Tut Masr Co , Egypt Live Animals Exporter

Reptiles Exporter

Tut Masr – Live Reptiles Exporter Reptiles Exporter Company – Tut Masr –  is a renowned and reputable business that specializes in the export of various reptiles worldwide. With their extensive expertise in the field, they have gained a strong reputation for providing high-quality reptiles to customers around the globe. The company takes pride in

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